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Tagharan Ancient Music Ensemble was founded in 1981. Until 1985 it was known as Sharakan. The founder and the first artistic director is Grigor Danielyan (Daniel Erazhisht).

From the very outset, Tagharan strives to reveal the gems of the Armenian medieval sacred hymns and present those to a wider public at concerts. The songs by medieval authors dating back to the 5th-15th centuries have always been present in Tagharan`s repertoire.

A special period in Tagharan’s history is concerned with the name of its former artistic director (1987-1994) Yervand Yerkanyan. Under his wise guidance, a new large repertoire was created within quite a short time. It includes more than 300 valuable and exquisite interpretations of Armenian sacred, patriotic and folk songs. In addition, Tagharan started performing new original interpretations of numerous national-patriotic and folk songs. In 1988, Tagharan was granted the status of a state ensemble. Since 1994, the artistic director and principal conductor of Tagharan is the pianist Sedrak Yerkanyan, who continues to evaluate the aesthetic and artistic objectives of the ensemble.

Another fascinating aspect of Tagharan’s activity is the performance of pre-classical and baroque music. Holistic programs including old German, French, English, Italian and other music. Interpretations are quite remarkable thanks to the harmonious well-measured performance of the soloists.

Tagharan has toured with concerts around Armenia and musical centers of the former Soviet Union.

It has represented Armenian music abroad, particularly in Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Argentine, Brazil, Uruguay, Cyprus, Syria, and Lebanon.

The ensemble participated in many international festivals.

The Tagharan ensemble participated and participates in exclusive concerts organized by different embassies in Armenia. It also participated in various concerts organized by Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

The ensemble is constantly striving to enrich its repertoire. The poem «Karos Cross» and «Vark Himarats» play, based on the fairy tales of O. Tumanyan (composer D. Sakoyan), are presented to the public. With the «Horovels» we tried to do a complex mapping of horovels from all the provinces of Great Armenia. Some exciting novelties in the repertoire are the «Kochari Series», which we tried to map as we did with the horovels and the songs and dances of the Balu period, which are mostly unfamiliar to our music lovers. The mono-opera «Notes of Maria Volkonskaya» (by Ed. Sadoyan) is also remarkable.


Sedrak  Yerkanyan

 artistic director and  conductor

Sedrak Yerkanyan was born in Leninakan/Gyumri/,  in 1954, obtained primary education in middle and music schools of Leninakan. Then he studied at Yerevan Tchaikovsky High  School.  In 1973-1978 he studied piano at Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory. From 1978 to 2000 he was pianist concertmaster of the academic choir of Armenia.

From 1990-1992 he studied at Komitas State Conservatory as conductor at the class of Chekijyan. Since 1994 he is an artistic director and conductor of the Armenian ancient music ensemble  "Tagharan".

He had tours in various countries such as the UK (1989,1995), France (1986, 1995, 2001), the USA (1987 ), the USSR ( 1975- 1990 ), Syria ( 1992, 1993, 1994, 2002 ), Lebanon (1992, 1993, 1999 ), Greece (1990, 2002 )  Cyprus (2001 ) and Serbia (2003 ).

In 2012  he became the honored artist of the culture of   Armenia.


Narek Stepanyan 

Branch Manager

Narek Stepanyan is an experienced producer, specialist in organizing events and managing cultural projects, having already implemented more than 500 events and 50 cultural projects.
He is the head of the events department of the ‘’Golden Apricot’’ Yerevan International Film Festival, the project and event manager of the ReAnimania International Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan. He is also the consultant organizer of various international and local projects in Armenia, line producer and administrative coordinator of the films.
Since February 2021, he has been the branch manager of the "Tagaran" ensemble of ancient music.