Hall History


Hall History

The idea of founding the Chamber Music Hall in Yerevan  belonged to Mayor Grigor Hasratyan. This project has been ordered to several architects and eventually Stepan Kyurkchyan’s plan was selected.

The building was built in 1977. The Chamber House in Yerevan’s Circular Park has a different and unique shape, it was built using “free plan” principle.

The aesthetic solution of the building was made in tune with the parkland landscapes of Circular Park.

In those years, when the construction of churches was under taboo, St. Kyurkchyan  imagined this building exactly as a church. He mentioned, that the church has a great value for any architect and that the Chamber House always remains a church for him, only the cross is missing. The size of the building is also reminiscent of a church.

The idea was that the Chamber House  should not have to be a traditional music hall, but  a place where everyone can come in, take a sit and relax. Besides, the internal and external finishing of the building is not distinguished, so the building remains one common body.

There are auditorium, lobby, vestibule  and foyer. The frescoes inside and the chandelier are also  Kyurkchyan’s work. He said, that man can infinitely look on fire and clouds because they are not concrete images. And here, by listening to the music, you can infinitely watch these images made in pastel colors.

Plenty of  concerts, festivals, commemorative events, meetings, presentations and expos permanently take place in 300-seat auditorium and foyer of the Chamber Hall. Many famous  Armenian and international musicians regularly give concerts here. Organ concerts are very popular.